Hawks teams follow the mission of the Pleasant Hill Baseball Association, an organization that believes that all the players should have ample opportunity to play, improve and have a supportive but still competitive platform to become a better baseball pl

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Coaches Tip of the Week#1 - Pitchers Mental Toughness:

Teach your pitchers to focus only on things they can control and learn to ignore the things they can't. It is non-productive to worry and fret about things beyond your control. In fact it will hinder your success on the mound. That's true in life as well as in sports.

Here are items pitchers cannot control and should be mentally pushed aside. 

* Crowd noise.
* The weather.
* Teammates play- mental and physical errors.
* Umpire's calls.
* The other team's noise.
* The condition of the field.
* A win or loss.

Here are items they can control and pitchers should concentrate on these.
* Demeanor. 

* Preparation.
* Work ethic.
* Productive bullpens. 
* Short term memory of failure and long term memory of success.

Courtesy of Baseball-Excellence.com